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With an overwhelming range of products that meets the highest demands, we want to bring in our expertise in this new market segment and convince with professional, innovative and sustainable products with the "Made in Germany" quality feature.


SCHOLL Concepts MARINE / NAUTIC STAR - Image Video

With this trade fair image video we want to give you a feeling for who we are, what we do and why we have established ourselves as a PREMIUM manufacturer and producer in the MARINE segment.

Dubai International Boat Show

SCHOLL Concepts MARINE / NAUTIC STAR at Dubai International Boat Show

We proudly present our presence at the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW 2018. The perfect location to present our world-class products.


Revolutionary grinding paste

SCHOLL Concepts MARINE - UNIQUE "M0" Revolutionary grinding paste Our EXTREM grinding paste "M0" can be seen as a revolution in the field of boat preparation. A product that was not available in this form on the market. The Extreme Abrasive Paste can be seen as liquid sandpaper and thus completely eliminates the sanding process in boat preparation. By using this product, the grinding process is completely unnecessary and weathered surfaces that would otherwise have to be repainted - can be easily restored to an optimal condition.

Our High-Performance Paste "M3"

Product video for our high-performance paste "M3"

SCHOLL Concepts MARINE - Product video for our high-performance paste "M3" In this product video we show you the range of applications of our grinding paste M3 for professional boat preparation. The high-performance paste was specially developed for use on weathered gelcoat surfaces. Our high-performance paste M3 has enjoyed a high reputation in the industry with renowned boat manufacturers since its introduction. You will get convincing results quickly, easily and efficiently by using this product.


Live application on a dark gelcoat

SCHOLL Concepts MARINE - "M3" - Live application on a dark gelcoat surface In this video we show you how easy it can be to get a weathered and matt-finished boat surface - in just one step - to a high gloss. Our high-performance grinding paste "M3" is used in combination with the Sandwich Spider Pad on a rotary polishing machine. Fast, easy and efficient - through the use of our professional finish products that have been specially developed for use in the marine segment.

MARINE - "M20"

MARINE - "M20" Cut & Gloss Professional one-step polishing

SCHOLL Concepts MARINE - "M20" Cut & Gloss Professional one-step polishing The "M20" is a universal, premium one-step polish for the effortless and sustainable removal of weathering, micro-scratches and signs of wear on gelcoat surfaces. The product is also ideal for polishing out veils and holograms on dark surfaces. Also ideal for gleaming wooden surfaces in the interior of boats and yachts. Depending on the selection of the polishing sponge, the removal rate of this one-step polish is determined.


MARINE "NEO" - Visionary polymer sealing for boats & yachts

SCHOLL Concepts MARINE "NEO" - Visionary polymer sealing for boats & yachts NEO polymer sealing is a state-of-the-art development to protect and seal boats and yachts sustainably. The correct sealing of the surface is essential, especially after the polishing process. By using NEO you prevent the big problem of osmosis with gelcoat. Sealing your boat with NEO guarantees a sealing effect of up to an entire boat season. The hydrophobic (water repellent) surface, which is achieved by NEO, does not adhere dirt and deposits. The gloss level of your boat is increased many times over. By using NEO, ensure that your boat is protected by the most advanced polymer technology for longer than you could with any other sealant or wax form.


MARINE - "SHARK" Premium leather and vinyl cleaner

SCHOLL Concepts MARINE - "SHARK" Premium leather and vinyl cleaner, leather care, boat preparation "SHARK" is a highly effective leather and vinyl cleaning agent which ensures cleanliness down to the pores. In this video we show you how easy it is to remove even extreme dirt on leather with ease. The product should always be used with the special RESTORER cleaning sponge. See for yourself how easy it can be to clean leather on boats and yachts.